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How much will my new kitchen cost?

There are three factors to consider in the cost of new kitchen cabinetry:

1) The size of the kitchen area.

2) The sophistication of the final design ,accessories and finishes you choose.

3)The ease or difficulty of installing the kitchen in your home.

Obviously larger kitchens with more customized features will be more expensive than smaller or more basic designs. WOODCRAFT customers typically budget starts from 30,000 pounds for kitchen cabinetry.

How long will it take?

A typical custom-cabinetry project takes six to eight weeks from manufacturing to final installation in your home. Large or complex projects can take up to 12 weeks.

Do you build your own cabinets?

Yes. While some companies use pre-fab cabinets with standard sizes, WOODCRAFT cabinets are built in our factory to ensure top quality and a custom fit. We don’t compromise. And you shouldn’t either.

Do you only manufacture kitchen cabinets?

No, we do much more. WOODCRAFT can outfit your home with all types of fine cabinetry including bathroom cabinets, closets, wall units , office furniture , bedrooms and more. 

What services does WOODCRAFT provide?

We stick to what we know best: Cabinetry. We have a number of excellent trades and suppliers that we work with, as well as contactors that we are pleased to recommend. We can also work with your choice of suppliers and our turn key projects .

Who designs your kitchens and bathrooms?

We do, working together with you. See (Step by Step) can also work with your interior designer to create spaces that complement the overall design theme of your home.

If you have more questions – and we’re sure you do – feel free to call or email us, or visit our showroom, located just minutes from Al-Sheikh Zayed.